John Boxberger

John Boxberger

In today’s society, student-athlete is a term that is becoming more and more misinterpreted as merely athlete. 

The players are given mixed messages on what the actual mission of higher education is; and as a result, more athletes are pressured into taking a less strenuous field of study in order to not interfere with their athletic training. 

However, another reason that makes Trinity University such a special place is the mindset that excellence in academics and athletics does not have to be mutually exclusive.  Players are encouraged to study and explore rigorous fields and coursework while they are pushing themselves athletically to achieve excellence on the playing field. 

One such player for the men’s basketball team is sophomore John Boxberger.  Boxberger, or Box as he is known by his peers, is a 6’6 forward who has been a match-up headache for opposing teams due to his outside sharp-shooting that compliments his size. 

A native of Austin, TX and an alum of St. Andrew’s Episcopal, Box was a three-year lettermen who was named to the TABC All-State Team.  But what makes him so unique, and also what made him choose Trinity was that he was also named to the Academic All-State Team.  Now that he's here, Box is majoring in pre-medicine and is tackling subjects like Organic Chemistry in addition to his defensive angle slides.  Not bad for a basketball player.  


Nicknames: Box - family nickname since World War II.

During pregame, I like to: Isolate myself and listen to my pre-game mix on my iPod.

Favorite TV channel: HBO

I can't believe I watch: Travel Channel..... a lot.

Favorite movie: Thats a really tough one because it is constantly changing, but i think my top 5 are Ghostbusters, Children of Men, Forrest Gump, Caddyshack and The Shawshank Redemption.

Favorite actor/actress: Bill Murray/Rachel McAdams

Sports hero: 'Pistol' Pete Maravich and David Robinson

Favorite music artist/group: Wilco

Favorite Memory at Trinity:  Our comeback victory over Millsaps on Senior Night last year.  It was an amazing way to send out the seniors.

Nobody knows I can: Cook

I came to Trinity because: I felt that Coach Cunningham and Coach Burt were honest guys dedicated to winning and their players.