Trinity University National Invitational Basketball Tournament

December 20-22, 2011


Tuesday, December 20            
Sams Gym               
University of Puget Sound vs. Southwestern University   Puget Sound 91-77   Box Score  
George Fox University vs. Trinity University   George Fox 57-55 (OT)      Box Score     
Webster Gym            
Whitman College vs. Buena Vista University   Whitman 75-38   Box Score    
University of Wisconsin-Whitewater vs. Willamette University   Whitewater 89-69   Box Score    
Wednesday, December 21            
Sams Gym            
Wheaton (IL) College vs. Whitman College   Wheaton 60-50   Box Score    
Southwestern University vs. Pacific (OR) University   Pacific 76-55   Box Score    
Willamette University vs. Trinity University   Trinity 77-71   Box Score    
Webster Gym            
Whitworth University vs. University of Wisconsin-Whitewater   Whitewater 76-61   Box Score    
University of Redlands vs. Pacific Lutheran University   Pacific Lutheran 74-62   Box Score    
Buena Vista University vs. George Fox University   Buena Vista 82-73 (OT)   Box Score    
Thursday, December 22            
Sams Gym            
Whitworth University vs. Southwestern University   Whitworth 97-63   Box Score    
Pacific (OR) University vs. Trinity University   Trinity 70-50   Box Score  
Webster Gym            
Pacific Lutheran University vs. Wheaton (IL) College   Wheaton 70-65   Box Score    
University of Puget Sound vs. University of Redlands   Redlandsd 90-72   Box Score