Getting to Know Coach Jerheme Urban

Getting to Know Coach Jerheme Urban

Head Coach Jerheme Urban is set to begin his third year as the head coach of the Tiger football team, and is coming off of an 8-2 record during the 2015 season. The Trinity graduate competed in football and track & field as a Tiger from 1999-2003, and then spent nine seasons in the National Football League.

We asked Coach Urban 10 questions in an effort to get to know him a little better.


How do you motivate your team?

I think that they may be the ones to ask this question to. I mainly try to develop as close of a relationship with as many guys as I can so that they know I have their back - both on the field and off. I feel like, as a player, I always played hardest for the guys who I felt closest with, guys who I could trust were "all in" like me. So I try to lead by example, love my guys, but also compete with them so that they know when I am getting on them, it is because I know they can do better, and that I need them to be better. There are definitely times when my volume needs to turn up to get their attention, but I think for the most part they know when Coach Urban thinks it's time to get serious and when it's time to have fun.


What are some of your pregame rituals?

I don't really have any pregame rituals, or personally believe in superstitions. I was challenged by a teammate in Seattle about trusting your preparation and your abilities, rather than a ritual and/or superstition, and that really stuck with me. However, I do enjoy a handful of Hot Tamales before each game in honor of Roland Rodriguez. Coach Rod was my wide receivers coach while at Trinity, and ever since I left Trinity as a player, I have enjoyed those as a way of remembering of where I came from, not as a ritual to help win a game.


How did you get involved in sports? Or, what sport did you play first as a kid?

I grew up in South Texas, so football, and especially the Dallas Cowboys, were very large topics of conversation in my home. I first played flag football in 2nd grade, followed by little league baseball in 3rd grade. I played one year of basketball in 7th grade before getting into track. It was really hard to do both track and baseball in high school, so I picked track to help with my speed, and ended up filling my winter void by playing soccer as well.


How do you like to travel to games? 

I like to travel as streamlined as possible. Obviously nine years in the NFL gets you comfortable with chartered flights, police escorts to and from hotels and stadiums, and great hotels where you can have all of your meetings in one place. We have tried to implement some of those things here at Trinity, so that our young men have a chance to travel smoothly and maximize their travel time to study, while also preparing for the game at hand.


Who is your favorite sports team/figure? 

I think that my playing career kind of turned me off of having 'favorite teams' for quite a while. I really just rooted for players who I had played with or developed relationships with. However, now that the years are flying by and more guys are retiring, I find myself rooting more and more for the Seattle Seahawks and Arizona Cardinals because of the relationships I have with the support staffs in those locations, as well as the fond memories I have with each team.


Favorite color? Why? 

I could tell you, but it may be wrong. Haha, I have a pretty good red-green color deficiency, so I think that I see things a little different than most. My wife and assistants have enjoyed teasing me about getting a pair of those new glasses that help with colorblindness, but I think that this is one of those things that "makes me me", and I don't really think I want to change it. It can definitely be a handicap in a lot of situations, but I've grown to live with it.


What profession other than yours would you like to attempt? 

Oh man, I always thought that I could have played baseball at a pretty high level had I chosen that path. However, as I get older I've come to appreciate a lot of things in life that have a slower pace. I come from a family of ranchers and carpenters, and I think that there is a lot to be said about putting in a hard day's work, day after day, and seeing your work payoff over time. Having a 1000 acres somewhere and ranching, and leading hunting/fishing trips out of it could be pretty cool as well....but I really love what I am doing right now!


What sound do you love? The sound you hate? 

I love the sound of George Strait on a Saturday afternoon while I am cooking BBQ! Not sure if that counts or not, but I also love the sound of an excited crowd after a big football play, the sound of a running river, and my kids laughing. Sounds that I hate are when my twin boys are fighting and screaming over toys.


What is your favorite word? Your least favorite word? 

One of my favorite words is "compete", and one of my least favorite words is "Ummmm."


If you were reincarnated as some other plant or animal, what would it be and why? 

That's pretty tough. Would definitely be a king predator of some sort. Just the fact that I like to hunt and fish would probably peg me in the animal category. A tiger would be pretty cool from the agility side, but I also could see myself as a grizzly bear. Their strength is pretty ridiculous, and I could definitely get full on the spring salmon runs in Alaska.