Jordan Pitts: S&C Student-Athlete of the Month

Jordan Pitts: S&C Student-Athlete of the Month

Jordan Pitts
Team: Men’s Tennis
Hometown: Austin, TX
Major: Business Administration with Concentration in Management
Additional interests: Aviation; Pilot’s license 

How has your involvement in strength & conditioning helped you grow as a student-athlete? 
The first way it has helped me as a student-athlete gain a greater appreciation for the discipline it takes to be both professional and successful. As my team and I have worked with Daniel, I have appreciated the level of discipline he expects of us as we go about our regiments and practices. It has helped me both in the classroom and the court. My involvement has also helped me to try and lead by example as a captain of our team. As I push myself each session, I try to set a level of work ethic that my teammates should expect to hold throughout their time in the SPC and the court. My desire to push myself helps me a student-athlete because it pushes me to do the same as I am studying or completing classwork when it needs to get done. Physical training outside of the classroom has many connections to the work and training required in college. If you apply the qualities you learn in the weight room, such as professionalism, discipline, and focus, in the classroom, it will lead to the best outcome possible. 

Any concrete lessons you have learned from the process?
One important lesson I have learned is that improvement does not necessarily happen quickly. To improve, I need to be patient and disciplined in my pursuit to be better. As I have worked in the SPC over the last several months I have steadily improved in all areas, it just took time. I have also learned the value in being professional and holding yourself accountable to your teammates and coaches. It is easy to come up with excuses or try to get out of a session here and there. This not only affects you, but those around you who are trying to improve as well. I remind myself of this when I may be having a down day where the motivation is not necessarily there. This also applies to time management. While being on time is acceptable, being there with minutes to spare speaks to one’s preparation and dedication to what they are trying to do. 

Why is strength & conditioning important to you and your team?
First and foremost, S&C is important for the obvious reason of improving our physical potential as athletes who must perform. It is never a bad thing to be quicker, stronger, and more flexible than you were before. Our competition only gets tougher, so we must try to be as fit as we can. I think another strong reason our sessions off the court are important is because of the experience a team has as it struggles together. It's not always fun putting your body through displeasure, but when doing so with teammates day in and day out, you all reach a greater level of appreciation for one another as you experience it together. It is also important because it pushes us all to become better student-athletes. As we hold each other accountable, we strengthen our individual qualities to be more focused, disciplined, and professional. This inspires a unique team culture. A team that is centered around qualities of that nature has nothing less than a good chance to succeed. I feel it is also notable that we enjoy this time together. Our team can crack jokes and have a good time while maintaining the pursuit of being the best we can be. 

From Coach Martinez:
Jordan has really grown in his discipline and leadership over the past year, and I really appreciate the dialogue that we have been able to share on what it will take for our men’s tennis team to continue to develop. He sets a great example for his teammates and is not afraid to speak up when we need to make a correction for the team. His hard work and great attitude will continue to help himself and his team, and I am grateful for his support as we grow our program.