Annie Wise: S&C Student-Athlete of the Month

Annie Wise: S&C Student-Athlete of the Month

Annie Wise
Team: Women’s Basketball & Women’s Tennis
Hometown: Tulsa, Oklahoma 
Major: Business 
Additional Interests: Flying  

S&C Performance You Are Most Proud Of:
During preseason for basketball in the fall semester, we would meet in the SPC in the mornings to lift before classes. It was after one of those lifts when a couple of us stayed behind to stretch, and we asked Daniel a question about why all of this was even important in athletics. Daniel explained to us the mindset that good athletes should have and described the body as a race car. He explained that normal athletes when faced with challenges or change of direction on the playing field slow down like a normal car would. However, in order to reach the next level as an athlete, you must attack curves and changes of direction like race cars do. This mindset has stuck with me in the training room, knowing that my team trains for moments to attack curves.  

How has your involvement in strength & conditioning helped you grow as a student-athlete? 
Being involved in a strength and conditioning program has brought me the awareness of understanding the importance of commitment. Fully buying into the process whether it is a team program or a class schedule has allowed me to realize that the same goals I have for myself athletically can be applicable towards school as well. The same philosophy in becoming a strong competitor is the same mindset I have going into writing an essay or preparing for a test. It’s the same type of thing when breaking it down, it’s about the hours of repetitive practice. You train your mind just like you train your body. 

Any concrete lessons you have learned from the process?
I have learned from this process that I am a product of the people who have been put in my life at Trinity. As a team though, we are all a product of the influence that our coaches have on us here. Any success that we have individually is a direct reflection of our team and what we stand for as a unit. What I'm trying to say is that at Trinity, we do winning things.   

Why is strength & conditioning important to you and your team?
Lifting as a team is just as much about becoming a better athlete personally as it is enforcing a champion mentality that starts in the SPC. Going through what we do in the weight room is just a mirror of the potential we can reach on the court. Coach Cam and Coach Joe do a great job instilling this champion mentality into our basketball program, Together Tigers’ style. Coach Gretchen and Coach Jacob also see the importance of strength and conditioning and has allowed Daniel's workouts to become a major tool for creating success for us on the tennis court. In all, strength and conditioning has allowed us as a team to realize that becoming a better athlete means becoming a better team.  

From Coach Martinez:
Annie Wise is an absolute pleasure to coach, and she is one who personifies our saying of “put your heart into it or take your butt out of it.” She is all heart, and I can always count on getting 100% from her and have full confidence that she supports her teammates and demands the same from them. With Annie being on two of our teams and being the competitor that she is, it would be easy for her to coast at times. But Annie always pushes herself and her team, and she will help us continue to redefine what a best effort is at Trinity.